Wolf’s Rain: Shiro, Long Tail’s arrangement

So, for the last four months or so, I’ve been trying to transcribe one of my all-time favorite pieces, Shiro, Long Tail’s from Wolf’s Rain. After uploading it just after Christmas, I noticed a few errors and just now re-uploaded a perfect version. Well, as perfect as it gets. Enjoy!

Sheet Music

One thought on “Wolf’s Rain: Shiro, Long Tail’s arrangement

  1. Eugenio López

    Hello, i’ve been a long time lurker and i love your work. Today i was looking for new sheets to play and i came across this beautiful song, but when i tried to download the PDF or Sibelius file, it redirected me to an error message where it said nothing was found for download, altough the readme can be seen perfectly. Hope you re-upload it soon :)

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