World of Goo Piano Medley


So, after completing a complete Piano Sheet Music Collection of the World of Goo soundtrack, I deemed it prudent to create a piano medley All things © Kyle Gabler of course.

Included songs:

  • World of Goo Beginning
  • The Goo Filled Hills
  • Brave Adventurers
  • Another Mysterious Pipe Appeared
  • Regurgitation Pumping Station
  • Threadcutter
  • Rain Rain Windy Windy
  • Jelly
  • Screamer
  • Burning Man
  • Cog in the Machine
  • Years of Work
  • Are You Coming Home, Love MOM
  • The Last of the Goo Balls and the Telescope Operator
  • Best of Times

I love you, 2D Boy!

Update 4/21/2009: Featured on the 2D Boy blog!
Update 4/24/2009: Featured on the Sibelius blog!

6 thoughts on “World of Goo Piano Medley

  1. Mailman105

    Great job arranging those songs!
    I think you should join NinSheetMusic. It’s website is at
    It’s a website for arranging sheet music from video games.


  2. אומגה 3

    מגוון רחב של ויטמינים, תוספי תזונה ברזל, מגה גלופקס ועוד..

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