How to Train Your Dragon

Saw DreamWorks’s How to Train Your Dragon on opening night and, naturally, fell in love with movie and soundtrack. Here is piano sheet music for one of the best songs from the soundtrack, Forbidden Friendship, composed by John Powell.

Update (4/23/10): I couldn’t resist creating some sheet music for the piano solo at the end of Where’s Hiccup?, another wonderful track. Expect more HTTYD sheets in the future!

Update (4/26/10): Saw the movie for the 4th time. No, I’m not obsessive. Added sheets for Romantic Flight.

Update (5/8/10): Test Drive added, due to high request volume :)

Update (11/12/10): Saw the movie again a few times and have gone back to arranging This is Berk

Sheet music here

71 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon

  1. Lisa Toth

    I am also not obsessed with HTTYD ;) I’m a professional violinist and when I first saw the movie and heard the beautiful violin melody in the romantic flight scene, I was just itching to get home and reproduce it on my instrument! Have my instrument right next to me as I type, because I was able to find your Web page and see your pdf file for the piece. Thanks so much! You are an excellent transcriber :)

    Play on!

    1. Alias

      You could record yourself playing it on another instrument. For example, record the top part, then the harmonies to that, then the bottom and all it’s harmonies. Play it all together an BAM awesomeness :)

  2. Beth

    Thank you so much. Just saw the movie for the 12th time and I am not obsessed, either. Everybody acts like I am crazy when stay through all the credits to listen to the music, but I just tell them that the theater has a better sound system than I do and then I enjoy!

    1. Paul

      Only the 12th, time I’ve seen it like a hundred times and there is this one dragon who spits boiling hot water and another one that is called the thunder drum and then there is my favorite one called the Night Fury and there is…(sorry kinda got carried a way with the part of Fish-Legs)…:)

  3. Taylor

    You are a genius. I’m so glad I found your page. Do you think that you could do ‘Coming Back Around’ please?

  4. Emily

    You are very talented. I am always looking for fun new pieces for my piano students and they are going nuts over these. Thank you so much!

  5. Steve

    WOW!!! Thanks so much for the sheet music! When I first watched HTTYD in the cimema with my friends, I, like you, instantly fell in love with the spellbinding soundtrack, and I couldn’t wait to find and listen to all the tracks when I got home. Your arrangements are awesome and so accurate; I can’t wait for more =] Also, your own recordings are wonderful and you really captured the brilliance and brought the pieces to life!!

    I have one question though: which font did you use on sibelius? I love the one you used, but when I compose my own material on sibelius I can never find it. Thanks!

    1. Seabass Post author

      In Sibelius 6, I made my own house style, loosely based on “Keyboard Opus (Times)” I use Times New Roman for most things. Happy music-ing!

  6. Maddie

    Wow! This is great stuff! I can write my own music, but I have to hand it to you, arranging pre-existing music is really hard! You did a great job! I love the music (it’s hard for me to hear a good movie’s soundtrack and not fall in love with it) and you have some great sheet music!
    Keep up the amazing music! You’re so good!

      1. Nisha

        I was looking through the comments and I saw the Harry Potter thing you posted and OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!

  7. Matilda Pelis

    Anyone watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?I decided to re-read the book just before going to this movie and I must point out, that they stayed really close to the story-line of the book, even so, I feel like that they edited out a few key factors or elements and some details were altered for movie settings which I would like they would not have. Mostly silly details, however ones which were really appropriate and also made things fall together a bit better.

  8. Louie

    Thanks so much! The first time I saw HTTYD
    I loved the music! But I couldn’t find it anywhere!
    But then I found your website and it is really

  9. Rocket50

    Thanks for the music sheets! I just loved the movie and the music just added to its appeal.

    Keep working on more scores, and merry christmas!

  10. Naomi

    Hey! Thank you so much for making this sheet music!! I don’t play piano, but I play the violin and this music works just the same. I really love How to Train Your Dragon, and I love the music just the same. It is so nice of you to take the time to arrange the music- and make it for free too. Thanks again for the great music! Can’t wait to learn it!! ☺

  11. Shadow

    Thank you so much for doing this wonderful thing! This is so great. I’m going take the risk of being a little redundant here but I have to say that I totaly fell in love with the soundtrack from this movie! So AWESOME! And it’s great of you to do this.
    Any chance that you’ll do any more of the songs? Specifically New Tail?

  12. Alex

    Great music! Thanks so much, many of my students were very excited to find this music available! I took some of your songs and wrote them as flute duets to teach in my lessons, let me know if you are interested and I can pass them along :)

    1. Kevin

      Hello Alex…my daughter plays flute and loves HTTYD!
      Could you send a link to where we could get the flute versions esp. romantic flight? Also, props to Seabass for the excellent piano version!

  13. Squert

    I play both violin and piano, and though ALL of these songs sound better on the violin (on which I’m a higher grade anyway), I don’t know how to go high enough on some of them, like See You Tommorrow (my favourite one) and Romantic flight. Anyone know?

  14. Josh

    Great work! Can you post the video for “See You Tommorrow”, and maybe do “Coming Back Around”? Thanks!

  15. Joseph

    I totally agree with what everyone else is saying. It’s sweet that you’re taking the time to do this for everyone else who always wanted to play the music, but are just to lazy to write it out themselves.
    I was thinking, John Powell has done some other great stuff; specifically, the Bourne trilogy. A lot of those songs would sound great on the piano (nach deutchland, bim bam bash, and Goa for example.
    But I know you’re busy with everything else you’re doing, so… It would be cool!

  16. Annie

    Wow these are great! I haven’t touched the piano in years and now I can’t pry myself away from the piano because of these sheet music. Thanks!!

    1. Seabass Post author

      I don’t have much free time at the moment for custom requests, but if you’d like to do a commission, I’m sure we can work something out!

  17. Elixa

    I love How to Train Your Dragon so much!!! Waaahhh!!! Thank you for transcribing a piano sheet of Romantic Flight. I really really really love that background music!!! =)

  18. Clelie

    It’s amazing! I love How to train your dragon, and now, I know how to stay addicted without watching it six time per month (at least :-)) Thank you so much for these piano sheets!

  19. Araya

    I HAD NO IDEA YOU HAD A BLOG THING!!!!!! I’ve listened to your covers to HTTYD since last summer, and as I finally got a piano (yay!) I’ve been shooting out to get my favorite songs to learn to play and this pops up!!! Ahhhh!! Thanks :)

  20. Maddie

    Could you make the how to train your dragon music in Bb clarinet please?
    I would love that soooooo much!!!!

      1. Nisha

        I’m so sorry, but one more thing. Could you make New Tail for B flat Clarinet as well?
        Thanks a ton!

  21. Kara

    I love HTTYD and I’d really love to learn to play their soundtrack, but I cannot play the piano. Do you have any sheet music for any of the songs for the flute? I’d really appreciate the effort if you could and it’s great you spend time working on these for others. My email is written if you are able to. Thanks!

    1. Kasey

      My daughter was hoping to find the flute music as well for HTTYD. Did I just miss it on the site?
      THanks for all your efforts, KUDDOs will be given :)

  22. Johan

    This soundtrack is one of the best in an animated movie ever.

    Thanks alot for the clips / midis and keep playing!

  23. Marcos

    So, sorry it took so long, seabass, but it seems as the is down. What is the original and the simple key for romantic flight? I’ve gotten this far ( ) and all that is missing is romantic flight at the end… unless I decide to do ‘dragon battle’ or ‘kill ring’ myself nd finish with that. Yeah, i know there are sheets for them out there, but you know it’s funner writing your own version. ;) anyways, enjoy the sheet music above, and I’ll be done within a month or so. :)

    1. Marcos

      it starts with ‘this is berk’ goes into toothless’s theme in minor, which i don’t recall the name, after that is ‘test drive’, and right after comes ‘romantic flight’. anyone feel free to print or listen, the play button is a little red thing on the bottom left.

  24. Serena

    hey are you able to play this music… the piano sheets on the violin? i’m having a hard time with the notes. or is there different sheet music for the violin for httyd?

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