26 thoughts on “Finding Beauty

  1. Abel

    I love Finding Beauty, It is an inspiration to one of my stories if you have the piano sheet music please email me, I would so love to play it finally.
    I tear up every time I hear the song

    1. Seabass Post author

      It’s absolutely one of my favorite ambient/emotional songs. Looks like creating sheet music for this one landed on the back-burner, in lieu of free time and all. I’ll hopefully get around to it soon!

  2. thomas

    hello !

    je cherche cette partition depuis trés longtemps…

    pourriez vous me l’envoyer ??

    Merci !! :)

  3. Austin

    hello! I want this partition for a long time … could you send it to me? Thank you! :)

    ^this is mr. Thomas’s post using Google Translate ;)

  4. enimis

    I would like to know when the sheet will be available, please. I want it so much ! Thank you

      1. Vladimir

        Hello Sebastian,

        Thank you so much, If there is a chance to send the sheets to v.liubarsky@gmail.com – it would be amazing and will my my future wife super happy :) also please let me know if i can financially donate for your work. Thank you.


      1. Chris

        Hooray! thats awesome, please email us when its available everyone seems pretty eager to tear into this one. :) Good work!

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