Minecraft sheet music project

Minecraft piano logoI’m positive that I’m not the only one hooked on Minecraft. The composer of the hugely successful indie game is C418, and he just released the soundtrack a few days ago. You should get it and support video game musicians.

Thanks to him (and Notch, and Mojang, and the various individuals who convinced me to get the game), I started another sheet music arranging project: Minecraft. I will (try my very best) to arrange one song per day (Edit: that’s unreasonable and I already fell behind). With some luck, sheet music for all Minecraft songs will exist by the end of March!

Completed Sheet Music

  • 3/17/2011: Living Mice
  • 3/10/2011: Moog City
  • 3/9/2011: Sweden performed (video below)
  • 3/8/2011: Wet Hands
  • 3/7/2011: Sweden

52 thoughts on “Minecraft sheet music project

  1. Simple

    Felt like you’re following me… xD
    Everything I does/play/watch was transcribed into sheet music by you…
    eg. Cave Story, Kingdom Hearts, Tron: Legacy, Plants Vs. Zombies … etc.
    and now even Minecraft! o,o

    Well, looking forward to it~ ;D
    Loved all your sheet musics!

  2. Chris

    If you can, can you make Clark. The Subwoofer Lullaby in the arrangement by Brent Kennedy.

    1. Chris

      I mean: Then Subwoofer Lullaby. The one from Brent Kennedy. And mabey the sound track version?

  3. Agustin

    Subwoofer Lullaby would be greatly appreciated, I love your music.

    I played Sweden in one of my performances a few weeks ago. <3

    1. Alex

      Seabass, is there a way to buy the album with the music in 1 cd already, just wondering because I want to listen to these at night when I’m sleeping because there so peaceful!

  4. Cats

    hey man, I know it’s september 2012 and all but please do Danny? :3 Thanks for all the sheet music by the way, good to know minecraft music is appreciated so much ^_^

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