Tangled sheet music – Kingdom Dance

Disney’s Tangled was awesome. For a good friend of mine, it had the effect that How to Train Your Dragon had on me: utter inspiration, from a musical, graphical, and storyline viewpoint. Now both of us are determined to break into the animation side of filmmaking, whether it be Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or somewhere completely different.

Here’s a request for sheet music I got: Kingdom Dance, one of the songs that didn’t make it into the official sheet music.

Composed by Alan Menken, © Wonderland Music Company, Inc. and Walt Disney Music Company.

Piano Sheet Music

Update 9/22/2011: Someone requested violin sheet music for the song.

Footnote: I recently upgraded to (now AVID’s) Sibelius 7. It’s fantastic, and I might do some kind of blog post in the future about its awesome new features. (I swear I don’t get paid by them to market their product.)

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24 thoughts on “Tangled sheet music – Kingdom Dance

  1. Nicole

    I was a little disappointed to learn that this song wasn’t in the book, so I really appreciate that you took the time to transcribe it. Thank you so much!

  2. Lutin

    I LOVE YOU!!!! I’ve been playing this music on my tin whistle for a while but was not able to find a couple of notes! THANKS A LOOOOT!!!!!!! :)))))))

  3. Lindsay

    I am trying to convince my music teacher to let us play Kingdom Dance in our orchestra class as long as I can find viola and Bass parts do you know where I could find any?

  4. heyhey

    How do transcribe this to a different instrument? I play the flute and I want to play this song more than any other Disney song. I’m just not music smart like you are…

  5. heyhey

    well I have this program called MusicScore that I can put music on, so can I put the notes on there so that I won’t have those treble cleff lines, And I’ll give the credit to you and Alan Menken? Is that legal?

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  7. Jessica

    Hey, my sister and her friend are planning on busking (both play violins) and want me to rearrange some music for them They particularly want to play Kingdom’s Dance and Test Drive. Is it ok if I can use your sheets as a guideline? Credit will be given.

  8. Malea Panuska

    Is there a way you could do a bass clef melody line for the cello? Pretty pretty Please with a cherry on top?? It would be a dream come true if you could!!!!! I have always wanted to play this but i play the cello and partly violin (but not very well) and i absolutely fail at playing by ear so i could never figure it out. Thank you!

  9. David Reed

    This awesome, however, I’d love to see the full orchestration of this piece with all of its parts…

  10. Teo

    Hi! Thank you for taking your time to do this! Is it possible for you to come up with an orchestral score?

  11. AbstractCat

    Wonderful job (as always)!
    I was wondering if you’d be open to arranging another piece from Tangled called “Campfire”. It’s an instrumental piece, and quite simple, but I think you’d be able to work with it… please, when you have some time, give it a listen? I understand if you wouldn’t want to arrange it but please at least listen to it?

    Thanks sooo much. I’ve learned a LOT from your site and the music you arrange!

  12. Lalala

    I agree with AbstractCat. Campfire is gorgeous, and I would love to know how to play it.
    (Am I allowed to record and show/send Kingdom Dance to you when I manage to get it played on the harp? ‘Cause I’m totally planning on doing that.)

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