L.A. Noire Main Theme

My love for Rockstar Games dates back to GTA2, so I quite naturally had a blast watching people play L.A. Noire. Andrew Hale’s fantastic soundtrack has been the sound-scape backdrop of my workday for the past few weeks.

I was quite happy when someone commissioned me (quite a while ago) to arrange the Main Theme from the soundtrack. Here is a rough transcription for a basic jazz ensemble: alto sax, trumpet, piano/keyboard, vibraphone, bass. Drums omitted, sorry.

Game, soundtrack, logo, and everything L.A. Noire is © Rockstar Games. You guys rock.

Jazz Ensemble sheet music

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3 thoughts on “L.A. Noire Main Theme

  1. Dan Palace

    Really nice transcription. Thanks. The alto should be tenor, and you may want to consider including the changes in each part for jazz settings.

  2. Brian

    Wow. This is amazing! I wish you would make more transcriptions for trumpet. This arrangement is so perfect.

  3. A Saxophonist

    Great arrangement of one of my favorites. The one thing is: It should be a tenor sax.

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