Track and Field – Running up that Hill

Here is another recently completed commission: a song from the TV series “Warehouse 13.” It’s a cover of a Kate Bush song by the band Track and Field; Running Up That Hill. To be honest, I like this version much better.

Sheet Music

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15 thoughts on “Track and Field – Running up that Hill

  1. Mary

    Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This is a truly beautiful arrangement for one of my favorite songs.

  2. May

    Amazing! Thank you so so much. Loved this song from the first second and have been addicted to it ever since. Thank you again!

  3. Digital Ruse

    I am here because of Warehouse 13 and wanting to learn more about the arrangement and band who performed it. I was getting caught up on Season 3 and this song, combined with the scene… it was amazing. It just resonated, was so haunting, and great. I am a dude not often moved to tears, but the combination of all those elements made it hard to resist the vapors. It has been stuck in my head for the last few days and even after watching that scene again and again it never looses it’s impact.

    Kudos to you on a brilliant arrangement and if the W13 folks are reading, keep this guy on speed dial. He nailed it.

    (PS – Has Track & Field done any other tunes? This seems to be the only one I can find by them anywhere.)

  4. Danica_W13

    I watched that scene yesterday, and I cannot listen to it without bawling (Jinksy! D': ) so I decided to torture myself and play it.
    Thanks! :D

  5. Matthias

    Well, it’s not surprising that I’ve found here trough Warehouse 13 :P

    I’m eagerly interested in some other notes like guitar or drums

  6. Taylor

    What an awesome arrangement! You gave this song the reverence it truly deserved. With no disrespect to Kate Bush, your arrangement of this is, bar none, superior to the original. Youve moved me, brought me to tears when I heard the arrangement on Warehouse 13. The scene and acting was powerful, but the push over the edge was your score played throughout that segment. You’ve inspired me to return to composition myself, something I loved to do decades ago, but allowed to fall by the wayside in the hustle of work, family and other endeavors. Thank you.

  7. Ika Willis

    Hey – I loved this song on W13 . The episode aired about 2 weeks after my father died. It’s coming up to the anniversary and I’ve been listening to it again. Just used your donate button to buy you a coffee to say thanks – it’s an amazing arrangement, a totally different song from the original, and one that’s meant a lot to me at a hard time.

  8. Jettgod

    A wonderful track – apart from Youtube – impossible to get hold of this track in the UK. Do you know where a high quality FLAC version would be available from?



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