Ace Combat 5 – Into the Dusk

I’ve never played any of the Ace Combat games. My introduction to the series was via the opening theme of Ace Combat 5 – The Unsung War:

I was rather excited when I got a request to arrange some sheet music for Into the Dusk. While not quite as epic as the opening/main theme, Keiki Kobayashi’s touch just works wonders for the entire soundtrack. To clarify: this song:

Here’s some sheet music for your enjoyment. This is a somewhat difficult/high-intermediate arrangement. Ignore the notes you can’t reach, or just arpeggiate them. I’m quite aware that some folks don’t have a 10-note hand span, but I rarely write with consideration :)

Sheet Music

4 thoughts on “Ace Combat 5 – Into the Dusk

  1. LoganPrunty

    I have a 10-note hand span (barely) but I cannot get in the position as quickly as I would like.

  2. Frank

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the music! Would it be a crime for me to arrange this for my percussion ensemble?

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