Mass Effect 3 – An End, Once and For All

Another highly-requested song from Mass Effect 3: An End, Once and For All. I haven’t played through the game yet, and although I hear a few not-so-great things about the ending, the music is fantastic.

Here’s some free sheet music for it. Everything © BioWare.


Edit 3/31/2012: I couldn’t resist playing this one. Here’s a performance.

Sheet Music

46 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 – An End, Once and For All

  1. jaVus

    37th measure, the F should be a quarter note, not a half note. Really good stuff though, thanks a lot!

  2. reQording

    wow! great thanks!!! (thank you for not being like the other site that sells

  3. Nitish

    Hi Seabass,

    I’ve just finished Mass Effect 3. The weird thing is that this beautiful melody persisted in my head for days! Your performance is totally pleasing to hear! Good work! Oh btw, I’m unable to download the sheet music in pdf. Can you fix it asap? Thanks! :)

  4. GarrusVakarian

    Thanks a lot, Sebastian.

    I love this title and it sounds very nice.
    Your sheets are very useful and easy enough to play for a piano-newbie like me…^^

    (Immer weiter so…)

    greetings from Germany

  5. MichaelLe

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for these Mass Effect scores, I really appreciate the effort! Thanks again :)

  6. Kate

    Are you still planning on doing “A Future for the Krogan?” That one would be really fun to play.

  7. Henry

    Wow, thank you so much! When I heard this song I wanted to play it sooo much, and thanks to you now I can! Nice work by the way, the performance was very touchful!

  8. Gloria

    Well now you have to do the Extended Cut version :)
    Great job by the way! Beautiful songs, masterfully arranged!

    1. HY7

      I would absolutely love this as well!

      It transitions out of piano so I’m not sure how this would work. The ending is less frantic and much happier, so I think it would be an even better piece.

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      1. Dan

        Thanks! Yes, I would be interested in hosting it on SheetHost, but it look like they are in private beta now.

  10. Toni

    Don’t let the opinions of the nay-sayers and their bad “reviews” stop you… the whole trilogy is wonderful, especially since the addition of the extended cut dlc for ME3. And the music is incredible throughout the entire series of games. The talent required to create such an amazing imersive story, from design to music and everything in between; just awesome. Every time I finish the trilogy, I tell myself I’m going to go play something else, and then I start over again :) And the music is a huge part of the experience. This song is amazing; so emotional. Thanks for sharing!

  11. UncertainPianist

    Hey, brilliant arrangement! You’ve really captured the piece. I’m printing it off as I type. Nice performance too; just make sure you bring out the tune ;)

    This is my second favourite piece from the ME3 soundtrack; that’s behind I’m Proud Of You. Any chance you might do an arrangement of that?

    Also, I personally prefer the EC version of An End to the original, particularly the ending. Might be worth looking into…?

  12. Jessica Cotter

    I love how this is played i have always wanted to play it but the problem is i have a keyboard ctk-800 i want to play the music but i cant because there are never music pieces for it if anyone knows or have any pieces for a keyboard I WOULD LOVE IT

    your an awesome pianist

  13. Jules

    Great work!
    My only qualm is that the ending (last two bars) needs a bit of work. The ending in the original song was melodramatic enough with its smooth transition to an augmented chord, but with a piano alone that transition is not so smooth and sounds too out of place.
    I would recommend having a listen to the Extended Cut version (they modified the end of the piece and added a bit in the middle, as it was a longer cutscene) – it ends on a major instead, making it a lot easier to reproduce on piano.
    I’ve uploaded that track here for your convenience (in OGG format, straight from the game files):
    An End, Once and For All – Extended Cut.ogg

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  15. Peter Ottermann

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I stopped playing piano years ago, but this actually got me back into it – loving every moment of it. I also love your rendition of “I Was Lost Without You”.

    On a related note, I am also trying to find piano sheet music for Vangelis’ “Memories of Blue” from the Oceanic album. I can find Bladerunner’s “Memories of Green” everywhere, but “Memories of Blue” remains elusive. Any chance you have sheet music for it or know where I can buy it?

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