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I sometimes record myself playing things and post it to my YouTube account.

Promised Eternity / Eternal Oath / 永遠の誓い

Sheet Music

For the next few weeks, hopefully months, I’ll be doing a weekly video game concert thing, part of DAMNLAG. Expect a new video game song performed every Tuesday. They’ll all be posted on my YouTube channel.

Here is the performance for Week 1: A request for a song from Final Fantasy XIII. Since it’s a simple song, I quickly arranged some piano sheet music to go with the performance. Final Fantasy belongs to SquareEnix. Enjoy!

Professor Layton’s Theme [Curious Village] (piano cover)

This performance was long overdue. I arranged this by request about 2 years ago. Anyhow, here it is: Professor Layton’s Theme, the title theme from the first game in the series, Professor Layton and the Curious Village (レイトン教授と不思議な町). The soundtrack was composed by Tomohito Nishiura (西浦 智仁). The song and game belong to Nintendo.

Sheet Music!

Piano Solo

Small Ensemble (Piano, Violin, Cello)

Time of Silence (静寂の時, “Seijaku no Toki”)

I played this song a while ago, but finally got around to finishing up sheet music for it. This is Time of Silence (静寂の時, “Seijaku no Toki”) from the anime Utawarerumono (うたわれるもの), composed by Hijiri ANZE (安瀬).

Seijaku no Toki (from Utawarerumono / うたわれるもの)

Moonsong / つきのうた [Cave Story]


Cave Story Sheet music is here. Below is the 2-handed version. I originally arranged this only for myself, so pardon the lack of nice formatting and engraving:

Happy Birthday, Pixel (Amaya-san)! In addendum to the previous Cave Story Medley, here is the most emotional and amazing song from the indie game Cave Story.

Stay tuned for the Wii port of the game! I hear it’s going to be amazing!