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Music for the Sadness of Xion [Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]

This is the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Field & Battle version of Xion’s Theme, from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This piece took several months to … well, not quite perfect, but get it to this level. There are a few errors. Cookies to you if you didn’t notice them.

I also invested (probably way too much) money into some new recording gear. The new camera is a mid-range Canon toy, the EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm. It’s very pretty. I also grabbed a a microphone set: the MXL 440/441 Ensemble, featuring a unidirectional one pointing to the back of bass strings, and a cardioid for ambience. Everything’s mixed by a Behringer XENYX 1202FX. Small, compact, powerful, affordable, highly recommendable for everyday recording.

So yes, I love my new basic rig. All for under $2000. If you like what I do, feel free to donate :)

Footnote for the curious: Yes, I am wearing my custom Organization XIII cloak.

Night in the Dark Dream (Kingdom Hearts BBS)

So I stumbled across this song on YouTube. Night in the Dark Dream, from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (Final Mix):


A wave of nostalgia hit me, and I couldn’t help arranging this. A simple melody and harmony, now in sheet music form for piano. Happy playing!


(To all outstanding commissions: sorry! I’ll finish soon, promise!)

Shrouding Force of Evil / Fragments of Sorrow | Kingdom Hearts

A while ago, someone requested a performance of Shrouding Force of Evil / Fragments of Sorrow. This song:

I just rediscovered that I started arranging this song many weeks ago, so I finished it. Here is the rather difficult result:

Sheet Music

I’m working on re-arranging it for Piano and Viola. I just need to find a good string player who’d be willing to play the melody. Any takers?

Passion / Sanctuary [Kingdom Hearts]


Sheet Music

The long-awaited (?) piano version of “Passion” or “Sanctuary” from Kingdom Hearts. Since my video camera is broken, I only used a microphone – hence, no moving images. Yes, I really am playing it.

I do not own this song nor any part of it. © Utada Hikaru and Square Enix

Thanks to Arnold Morrison, whose arrangement I used as a reference; and of course thank you to Utada Hikaru for composing it :)

Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley #2


Here is the second Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley.

Songs included:

  • Memories in Pieces – KH:CoM
  • Scent of Silence – KH:CoM
  • The Other Promise – KHII:FM
  • Namine – KHII
  • The 13th Reflection – KHII:FM
  • Deep Anxiety – KHII:FM
  • Rage Awakened – KHII:FM
  • Fight to the Death – KHII
  • Showdown at Hollow Bastion – KHII
  • Scythe of Petals – KH:CoM
  • Lord of the Castle – KH:CoM
  • Fate of the Unknown – KHII:FM

Sheet music: I never transcribed / arranged any pieces. (Nearly) everything you heard was a pure improvisation. Other brilliant people have created sheet music and shared it here:


Special thanks to Chris Lamb for his arrangement of “Fate of the Unknown.” Sheet music:

Disclaimer: All content © Yoko Shimomura / Kaoru Wada / Square Enix. I own no share of this copyright. Also: no, I’m not the composer for Kingdom Hearts, sorry. Credit goes to Yoko Shimomura for composing the entire score and Kaoru Wada for various arrangements.