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You Are the Pan – Hook

Anyone who grew up in the 90s has probably seen Spielberg’s highly underrated classic Hook, which remains one of my favorite films that deal with nostalgia, growing up, and embracing the future.

The soundtrack is by the ever-wonderful John Williams. Someone recently requested some sheet music for You Are the Pan, so I created some.

You Are the Pan sheet music

Want sheet music for your favorite song? Hire me.

The Mummy – Imhotep



Another finished request, from the ever-perplexing genius composer Jerry Goldsmith. © Universal, BMI.

Like most of Goldsmith’s scores, meter and key signature are highly variable, and tend to change ad nauseam. I also arranged it with more vigor for accuracy than anything, and lost track of the difficulty. One a scale from one to difficult, it’s “oh god, why!” Have fun:

Sheet Music