How to Train Your Dragon sheet music

I saw DreamWorks’s How to Train Your Dragon on opening night and, naturally, fell in love with movie and soundtrack. Here is some piano sheet music that I have been arranging for your personal and educational use.

Fellow pianist and musician Alex Sheen has also been creating sheet music.

Sheet Music

Important: I’ve supplied the Sibelius source files as learning resources. Please share and edit them freely, but give credit where credit is due. You are not permitted to sell or accept payment for (re)distributing these files, or for your derivations or performances thereof.

This is Berk

PDF Sibelius MIDI
See You Tomorrow

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Forbidden Friendship

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Forbidden Friendship
Easy Piano

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Test Drive

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Test Drive
Easy Piano

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Romantic Flight

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Romantic Flight
Easy Piano

PDF Sibelius MIDI
Where’s Hiccup?
Only piano-solo at end

PDF Sibelius MIDI


Via Loudr, I’ve made a few songs available for download and streaming! Thanks for the support :)


I also performed a few of the songs. Enjoy!

105 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon sheet music

  1. Wuubb

    i applaud the fact that you were able to transcribe as much of this as accurate as you did (theres a lot going on in this sound track) as i myself am transcribing it for the original ensemble (orhestra)

    however, im sorry to have to point out some flaws in your music
    for instance: at “C”, the melody is actually:
    [dotted half note] [dotted quarter note tied to and eighth note] [2 eighth notes (Bb and Db)]
    the second measure of “C” is:
    [dotted quarter note tied to a quarter note] [regular eighth note (not the grouping of 2)]

    and the harmony for the “main theme” is a measure of Bb, 2 beats of Gb, 2beats of Eb (its a 2-bar cycle that essentially moves down the Ebm triad)

    there were some more, but i just thought i would recommend that you review the music again

    keep up the good work!

  2. Katelin Garner

    You are an amazing human. Thank you for posting all the music. And you play beautifully. Uh. Will be enjoying the sheets. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON.

  3. mycove

    Hi Sébastian ! I would like to send you a link to a video I made, as a gift for a “Secret Santa” (well, Secret Odin in that case) thanks to you and the sheet music of Forbidden Friendship. My level in piano is not a great one, so this is the easy piano version, but I added a personal touch to make it up (surprise !…) and I’ve started working on the regular version !
    I really want to thank you for sharing your passion of music, because every time I play this, I am happy.
    So, if you have time to get a look, here’s the link :,.wmv&authkey=!AA5zvlI5yZz9XjA

  4. mycove

    Sorry, for some reason, it doesn’t work if you just click. You’ll need to paste and glue the whole link to get to the right page. Then click on upload, and open.

  5. The

    I was so excited when I found this because I wasn’t sure there would be any sheet music for any of these songs. I can’t really play piano, except a little tinker here and there, but I teach myself guitar. Looks like I’ve found myself a project. I listen to the soundtrack over and over, and I love the movie. Forbidden Friendship has always been my favourite, and you can play it on piano!!!! I am now very happy. :D

  6. Sam

    Amazing work. Beautifully played music and wonderful songs i love the movie too its my favorite i have this love for this kind of beautiful music thank you for the sheet music i can now learn to play my favorite songs on piano

  7. Mark Williams

    Wow great playing on the piano! I wish I could play the piano like that. I think I may go buy the soundtrack.
    Kudos! keep it up…you are good!

      1. Patrick

        Please make “Stoick Saves Hiccup”, “Stoick’s Ship”, “Toothless Found” and the last one “Where No Ones Goes” :)

      2. Ethan

        Could you please do the song where no one goes from the second movie

        By th way thanks for the sheet music I am learning to play all of them

      3. Briar Rose

        I love your piano arrangments from the first film :) Could you please do “Together we map the world”, “Flying with Mother”, “The Dancing and the Dreaming”, “Stoick’s ship”, “Toothless Found”, and “Where No One Goes”?

      4. Jared

        Can you do the riders of berk theme song but for the alto saxophone please it would help me a lot

  8. jedd joseph

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! LOTS OF PHONEY WEBSITES OUT THERE BUT YOUR IS GREAT!!!!! but sadly my parents don’t allow me to donate to u.. but once i can i will!!!! :) thank you so much once again!!

  9. Jenna

    Amazing sheet music! It’s had me itching to get my hands back on the keys again, when I’ve been lacking inspiration for a while. I was wondering if you were going to do any more music from the first movie? You got my favorites, but honestly, I adore the whole soundtrack and wouldn’t mind more stuff to play around with. However, I totally understand how much work it is (my one attempt at doing something similar was a near disaster…), so if you aren’t doing any more, I get it :)

    I also wholeheartedly second the request for songs from the second movie, though the songs you pick are, of course, at your own discretion!

  10. Robby Larson

    Hi, sebastian. I wrote a medley for my band using three of you’re score’s and it was awesome. i was wondering if you could make the scores for “Toothless Found” and “Two New Alphas”. I’m writing a new medley called “True Alphas” and it’s the last three songs of httyd 2. I already have “Where No One Goes”.

  11. Tavlor

    I really enjoyed the music from this movie, and I’m really excited to learn to play it on the piano. A few questions: When playing, are you holding any of the keys down, or does the piano reverb on it’s own? Also, I noticed several cases where a note is played and then the same note is played again before the first note is up (ex: Forbidden Friendship measure 7). Are these notes written in the right place, and how should they be played?
    Thanks again for transcribing such wonderful pieces.

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