13 thoughts on “Requests!

  1. Albert Newton

    Hi Sebastian, I’ve downloaded your piano sheet ” An end once and for all” of Mass Effect 3 recently. It’s fabulous! I love playing this theme on piano.
    Bioware released a new version : An End Once and For All (Extended Cut version). I tried to arrange that but I’m an amateur in arranging music. So could you please arrange the Extended cut version? Thank you very much!
    ps: The new ending for Mass Effect 3 is magnificent!

  2. SorataBaka

    Umm , Sebas-sensei … Hello Again :D
    I had a lot of trouble in arrange a song from an anime called Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ,
    and the song name is ‘ Himeta Omoi ‘ by Hijiri Anze , its really beautiful though .
    Could you help me , plllsss … ?

    Btw , a lot of Hijiri Anze’s is awesomely beautiful ( haha .. ) , maybe Sebas-sensei will like it .

    Thank you .

  3. Erin

    Hello there. I’m in love with your work. I’ve downloaded so many songs of yours, they’re quality! I was just wondering, would you maybe compose some Lilo & Stitch songs for the violin? Thank you!

  4. Madeleine

    If you haven’t heard it, you should check out the 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda orchestral tracks. There are some amazing pieces of music, and I think it would be possible to arrange some of them. :)

  5. Nicole

    I absolutely love your covers. Do you think you could cover the bad ending theme, also known as Sacrifice, for Metro Last Light?

  6. Elizabeth

    I have really enjoyed your sheet music arrangements. I was wondering if you could do a piano arrangement of The Letter That Never Came from A Series of Unfortunate Events. The soundtrack is by Thomas Newman. It is a very beautiful song, but there is no official sheet music for it. Thanks.

  7. Nathan

    Hi I enjoyed your cave story covers a lot so I was wondering if you could transcribe a very unknown song call Ewiges Leid (Eternal Sorrow) from the game Musashi Samurai Legend. Thank you.

  8. Freddie

    Hi, I’m loving all your sheet music, I’ve been trying to play more from ear over the past few months, but it’s great having your sheet music to seek out if I need the support. I was wondering if you could at all do a rendition of the Professor Layton 3 (Unwound Future/Lost Future) piece called “Time Travel” ( It’s such a beautiful piece, and I’d love to be able to play it from your sheet music. Thanks!

  9. Abbey

    I hope you don’t mind me since you already have so many requests, but is it possible that you can make a violin sheet music for the song ‘Iris’ which is the ending theme from Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box? Thanks :)

  10. Kristin

    I love your Mass Effect arrangements! (Well, I love all your arrangements, but those especially so.) Would you be able to arrange Green and Blue from Halo 4? I can’t find an arrangement anywhere. Thanks :)

  11. Cassie

    Your arrangements are amazing! Especially from HTTYD, Mass Effect and Tron Legacy! Anyway, I humbly requests for you to do some arrangements from Two Steps from Hell, particularly ‘Little Ben’ and ‘Eternal Sorrow.’ Thank you for everything so far!

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