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Shiita no Ketsui / Sheeta’s Decision


From Miyazaki’s “Laputa: The Castle in the Sky.” (天空の城ラピュタ, Tenku no Shiro Rapyuta)

I don’t own this lovely piece, nor the movie, nor any part of the copyright. Yes, I did a repeat of the entire piece … because it’s so awesome that it needed a repeat.

For sheet music, check ichigos:

Music © Joe Hisaishi
Movie © Hayao Miyazaki; Studio Ghibli

Plants Vs. Zombies Sheet Music

Hello World, I am still alive. This month, I give you sheet music from PopCap’s wonderful game, Plants Vs. Zombies composed by Laura Shigihara! The rather short and simple soundtrack has its appeal though, and sounds wonderful on piano. Expect a medley soon!

Oh, and if you don’t even know what this PvZ thing is, let PopCap’s Plants Vs. Zombies website fill you in.

Here are 3 of the 12 songs from the game (not counting “There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn”):

Sheet Music

Choose Your Seeds



UPDATE: Laura Shigihara posted about other folks’ transcriptions and arrangement on her blog:

UPDATE 2: YouTuber Jetibest performs Grasswalk!