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Shrouding Force of Evil / Fragments of Sorrow | Kingdom Hearts

A while ago, someone requested a performance of Shrouding Force of Evil / Fragments of Sorrow. This song:

I just rediscovered that I started arranging this song many weeks ago, so I finished it. Here is the rather difficult result:

Sheet Music

I’m working on re-arranging it for Piano and Viola. I just need to find a good string player who’d be willing to play the melody. Any takers?

This is Berk – How to Train Your Dragon

I just saw How to Train Your Dragon again, and still love it. I’m getting back to arranging a few songs that I started.

Here’s finally something presentable – the opening and first song on the soundtrack, This is Berk. I used the help of Musicn0t3s’s arrangement. Work-in-progress! Update 11/17/2010: Sheet music completed. Here is the final version.

Sheet Music

And here is all other HTTYD sheet music that I have arranged. Thanks for viewing / playing!

Megamind Sheet Music?

So, DreamWorks came out with Megamind, which was awesome.

The music, as expected from Hans Zimmer rocks, as well. I think I’ll be arranging sheet music for some of the tracks. Good idea, bad idea? Let me know in the comments below!

Here’s what I can choose from:

  1. Giant Blue Head
  2. Tightenville (Hal’s Theme)
  3. Bad To The Bone
  4. Stars and Tights
  5. Crab Nuggets
  6. A Little Less Conversation (Junkie XL Remix)
  7. Mel-On-Cholly
  8. Ollo
  9. Roxanne (Love Theme)
  10. Alone Again Naturally
  11. Drama Queen
  12. Rejection In The Rain
  13. Lovin’ You
  14. Black Mamba
  15. Game Over
  16. I’m The Bad Guy
  17. Evil Lair

The crossed-out ones are preexisting songs that were used in the movie — aka, not by Zimmer.