Kingdom Dance (violin)

I recently got a request to just have a violin line for the Kingdom Dance transcription/reduction I did two a few weeks ago. Here is a violin-solo version of the song. If you play it, I want to hear it!

Composed by Alan Menken, © Wonderland Music Company, Inc. and Walt Disney Music Company.

Violin sheet music

I also created piano sheet music for it a while ago!

Looking for more Tangled sheet music?

12 thoughts on “Kingdom Dance (violin)

  1. Kris

    Thank you for this! I love this tune and now I can play it with my flute :D I think the real score is played with a flute..I think it’s a celtic flute…Sadly my celtic flute is a d-instrument so I can’t play it with that…

  2. emma elder

    Hey, my symphany at school wants to play this song at the concert. It’s a wonderful, upbeat piece, but is there any way we can get the whole band and orchestra arangement for each instrument.

  3. Cora

    If I record it, do you want it note perfect, or can I change some of the chords? (one or two are physically impossible) Thanks for the sheets – it’s very fun to play :)

  4. Gabriella

    I knew I should have looked here for this sooner! Thank you so much; I can’t wait to start learning it!

  5. Amanda

    this is so wonderful, thank you for uploading it! I’ve been looking for a piece to perform on my piccolo or flute for the school talent show, but wanted something from one of my favorite soundtracks, and now I have a piece. Time to practice and perfect it for audition.

  6. Azalea Rose

    This is a great and fun piece! Thank u so very much for it! I’ve only been playing for three years so the shifting is pretty tough, but I’m learning! And Cora ur performance on youtube is amazing it helped a lot!!


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