Doctor Who – I Am The Doctor

Doctor Who is fantastic. A few days ago, composer Murray Gold opened up his own YouTube channel and posted a cover of I Am The Doctor, accompanied with the biggest understatement of the year “A person playing a piece at the piano…” Have a listen!

I promptly sat down and arranged some sheet music. After some deliberation, I discovered that the song was, in fact, in 7/8, and that my unwilling mind wanted to hear common time. Ah, well…

Sheet Music

41 thoughts on “Doctor Who – I Am The Doctor

  1. Carly

    Wow! Thanks a ton for the sheet music! I didn’t know you watched Doctor Who or were interested in the music, so I was very surprised and happy when you posted this!

  2. Noah Tension

    nice arrangement, you’re a really good arranger, but i’m curious, do you have any mind blowing compositions of you own you would like to share? (with sheet music of course)

  3. Effgie

    This is brilliant! I don’t know how you managed to transcribe that into sheet music, but it’s absolutely fantastic. I also really like the composition from youtube – Illusion, right? It’s really good, you’re very talented!! I am afraid however that my friends will all hate you now, cause I WILL be playing this day in day out :D

  4. I

    Wow thats AWESOME!!! Looks reeeeeeealy hard though. Can you pleeeeese post a tutorial video on how to play it?!?!?! Thanks!

  5. Lara West

    WOW! that’s brilliant, thankyou so much!! Omg I just tried it on piano and it’s so complicated! I can play the basic riff though and some of the chords, so I’m getting there! Lol

  6. Kogia

    This is fantastic! I’m planning on using this song as the processional for my wedding but I wasn’t sure if our venue allows ipod hook-up. Now I can just make the pianist learn it. Muwahahahaha!

    1. Vitali

      I’m about to ask the same question…:>
      I just wondering where could I possibly get the scores of Dr Who…Not the transcriptions I mean…

  7. Elaine

    This is easily the best version of this I have seen I’m sooooooo excited to play it thank you! p.s. I love the way you interact with the video camera :)

  8. zebomb484

    Um, the top notes of the last set of chords are impossible to play on a standard keyboard.
    What am I supposed to do?!?

        1. zebomb484

          P.S. thanks and, this is a really fun piece
          also, I may just leave out that top note instead of going back down for the 8va part
          it’d be a slight bit easier even though it sounds weird like that.

  9. Jonathan

    Hey, excellent transcription! I was reading it while listening to Murray Gold play it and it practically sounds like he was playing what you wrote exactly! The only thing you left out was the repeat sign before the 4/4 on the last page ;) Other than that, it’s a spot on arrangement!

  10. Tarrie

    Thanks so much for doing this! I love the Doctor Who music….of course, I just love Doctor Who period. =) Do you think you could do the Doomsday theme, or maybe Forgiven?

  11. luna

    so i printed these and took them to my piano professor to help me out and he says it should be 9/8 instead of 7/8 and i just what? ;___;

  12. Kate

    Wow, thank you for sharing this with us! I’m a Doctor Who fan so I thought I’d try this out and I was just rockin’ along with my sight reading, enjoying the crap out of myself building up to that climactic ending, getting dangerously close to the top of the keyboard when suddenly – I’VE RUN OUT OF KEYS! That jerk has a bigger piano than me! I laughed so hard though. LOVE IT. Your site is amazing. Thank you for sharing your transcriptions. I will be directing my students here and will link to you on my site.

  13. doctor who

    This is not how it is suppose to be played. it is identified as I Am The Doctor but the music played here is not the I Am The Doctor song. a lot of people think it is hard but in fact it is really easy and you cant play it. also it is played dirty and it is not complete.

  14. sherlock holmes

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    vamos ao que interessa para de esnobar esses …nerds fanaticos
    acho melhor largar esse cachimbo fumar faz coisas
    aqui não acharemos nadaaaaaaaa

  15. sherlock holmes

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  16. doctor house

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