Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley #2


Here is the second Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley.

Songs included:

  • Memories in Pieces – KH:CoM
  • Scent of Silence – KH:CoM
  • The Other Promise – KHII:FM
  • Namine – KHII
  • The 13th Reflection – KHII:FM
  • Deep Anxiety – KHII:FM
  • Rage Awakened – KHII:FM
  • Fight to the Death – KHII
  • Showdown at Hollow Bastion – KHII
  • Scythe of Petals – KH:CoM
  • Lord of the Castle – KH:CoM
  • Fate of the Unknown – KHII:FM

Sheet music: I never transcribed / arranged any pieces. (Nearly) everything you heard was a pure improvisation. Other brilliant people have created sheet music and shared it here:

Special thanks to Chris Lamb for his arrangement of “Fate of the Unknown.” Sheet music:

Disclaimer: All content © Yoko Shimomura / Kaoru Wada / Square Enix. I own no share of this copyright. Also: no, I’m not the composer for Kingdom Hearts, sorry. Credit goes to Yoko Shimomura for composing the entire score and Kaoru Wada for various arrangements.

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