Cave Story Piano Medley

I present to you something inspired by Markarian – who first introduced me to Cave Story and its wondrous music. After arranging all 36 songs for piano solo, I decided to perform about 26 of them.
Everything is © Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya.

Sorry, it’s not quite as polished as it should be. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless! Any sort of feedback and criticism is always welcome.

  • Access – アクセス
  • Gestation – 胎生
  • Mimiga Town – ミミガーの村
  • Plant – プラント
  • Balrog’s Theme – バルログのテーマ
  • Gravity – グラビティ
  • Cemetary – セメタリー
  • On to Grasstown – クサムラを行け
  • Eyes of Flame – 燃える目玉
  • Tyrant – 暴君
  • Run! – 逃げろ
  • Jenka 1 – じえんか1
  • Jenka 2 – じえんか2
  • Labyrinth Fight – 迷宮ファイト
  • Geothermal – 地熱
  • Oppression – 圧迫するチカラ
  • Moonsong – つきのうた
  • Hero’s End – 末路
  • Cave Story (Theme Song) – 洞窟物語(大農園)
  • Last Cave – 最後の洞窟
  • Balcony – バルコニー
  • Charge – 襲撃
  • Zombie – ゾンビー
  • Last Battle – ラストバトル
  • Break Down – break down..
  • Running Hell – ランニングヘル

And yes, there is sheet music.

4 thoughts on “Cave Story Piano Medley

  1. Lol. You have tons of views on youtube but absolutely no comments on your actual website. Just seems odd…
    Anyway, your music is amazing and inspiring. When you play balcony… I don’t even know. I just slip into heaven for a few seconds. Haha. I need to learn to read sheet music so I can play it myself.
    Thank you for being an awesome person!


  2. Dude, u rock at playing cave story music! I bow to u, almighty God of cave story music!When u play it, I couldnt believe how fast u played, it was like u had the speed of the booster v2.0!


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