23 thoughts on “Portal – Still Alive

  1. Hey! I don’t want to download this. I just want to save the images. Could you post them along with the rest? That would be very helpful. Thank you


  2. I downloaded the Sibelius (.sib) sheet music but it seems so that I can’t open it. It said that the .sid file was broken or corrupted. Would be thankful if someone could help me with this problem.


  3. Hey, can you make sheet music for voice?
    I’m taking vocal lessons, I really, really love this song, and I want to be able to present sheet music for singing it.


  4. Seabass, can you use guitar chords to play on piano instead? i have’nt learned notes or anything, and i thought you might know… sorry for a weird Q…


  5. Thank you for putting These up, been looking everywhere ! Don’t suppose u could put up he’s a pirate from pirates of the carribean?


  6. This is great! But do you think you could make an SATB version, like you did for a Turrent Opera? I’d like for my SATB choir to sing both.


  7. Hey, my boyfriend love this song and I hope he can play it for me at the piano. I love it when he play this beautiful instrument. But now: I can´t download the song. Every time it says that the page can´t be found. So whats goning on? Coud you please look at this problem? Thank you so much 🙂


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