Plants Vs. Zombies Sheet Music

Hello World, I am still alive. This month, I give you sheet music from PopCap’s wonderful game, Plants Vs. Zombies composed by Laura Shigihara! The rather short and simple soundtrack has its appeal though, and sounds wonderful on piano. Expect a medley soon!

Oh, and if you don’t even know what this PvZ thing is, let PopCap’s Plants Vs. Zombies website fill you in.

Here are 3 of the 12 songs from the game (not counting “There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn”):

Sheet Music

Choose Your Seeds



UPDATE: Laura Shigihara posted about other folks’ transcriptions and arrangement on her blog:

UPDATE 2: YouTuber Jetibest performs Grasswalk!

20 thoughts on “Plants Vs. Zombies Sheet Music

  1. These are great!

    I really think you did a great job.

    Would love to see “Graze the Roof” and the music for night time pool (not sure name of song).

    Really great job though.


    1. Hi Oliver Chaplin! The name of the fog level is called ‘Rigor Mormist’
      because ‘Rigor’ means when your bones go all stiff and you die and ‘Mormist’ sounds like ‘more mist’ when you say it .



  2. This is awesome! Thank you! I’m a music teacher and my students are all obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies! This is perfect!


  3. Nice work! I especially like your transcription of Grasswalk, which involves some flashy technique but still demonstrates the original theme very well.

    One possible mistake (if I’m not wrong): In the 1st piece “Choose Your Seeds”, first line, first measure, second beat (the triplet): I think the bB should go before the B. So the triplet goes like “C-bB-B” instead of “C-B-bB” in your score. Please check it out in the game and see if this is true.

    Anyway thanks very much for the high quality sheet music. I really enjoyed them.


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