38 thoughts on “Exile Vilify – Portal 2

  1. Hey dude, thanks alot for the arrangements so far and it was awesome of you to go and do these arrangements. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Anyways, keep up the good work and don’t stress so much on this even though there is a huge pile of work at your doorstep. Chill and relax. Take one step at a time. Good Luck!


  2. It’s great to know that you’re working hard even though you clearly create more projects for yourself than you can handle! 😀


  3. I imagine that when I saw this, the feeling I got is similar to being in love. Thanks so much for this, man! 🙂 We appreciate your work!


  4. I’m a piano beginner and there’s one thing I’m wondering…

    On the third measure you have 5 notes on the bass clef. Are you supposed to momentarily use your right hand to do the 2 higher notes and do the rest with your left hand? So basically switching your right hand from the lead to the bass throughout the intro? I’ve watched pretty much every piano video of this song on Youtube and never saw anyone playing it like that. I’d be interested to see how you play it.

    Or maybe I just don’t understand the sheet? I’m not very good.

    Help would be appreciated!


    1. hey tomatoshadow, you may have noticed that that treble clef note is tied, so you don’t have to play it again. and as for the five notes in the bass clef, the bottom two are with down stems and the top three are up stems. so we can safely assume you should drop your right hand down to the bass clef. you may have already figured that out though. hope that helped!


  5. I’d like an arrangement of this song with only the two staffs instead of three. It’s difficult if you’re doing a piano solo if the only music for the song has three staffs. I had the same issue with your arrangement of Want You Gone.


    1. Actually, the top staff is the melody for the singer, if you’re working with someone who is singing. It doesn’t have to be played at all. Hope this helps 🙂


      1. The two piano staves sound more like Pure accompanying sound that requires the singer. I tried to play it, but it’s just missing something in terms of melody.


  6. Is there any way to buy a sort of… official version of this? Like… YOUR arrangement, but not printed as a PDF file? I’d love to sing this for contest as a solo, but I’d rather not give the judge something printed off. I mean, I will if I have to (Considering my music teacher allows me to sing this for contest), but if I could get something a bit more… professional looking, for lack of better term?


      1. Well, I meant is there a way to buy your arrangement in a more official-like format. Eh, well, everyone send positive thoughts. I MUST SING THIS FOR CONTEST.


      2. yeah chloe, i don’t know how much more professional looking you can get. just buy it from sebastian for a dollar! you’re that cheap right sebastian… 😛


  7. Hi, First off, thank you so much for making this, it is great! 🙂
    I was just wondering if there was any kind of note replacement I could do instead of the 5 notes on the bass clef, like, is there any way that is a little simpler to do? Thanks.


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