Music for the Sadness of Xion [Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]

This is the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections Field & Battle version of Xion’s Theme, from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This piece took several months to … well, not quite perfect, but get it to this level. There are a few errors. Cookies to you if you didn’t notice them.

I also invested (probably way too much) money into some new recording gear. The new camera is a mid-range Canon toy, the EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm. It’s very pretty. I also grabbed a a microphone set: the MXL 440/441 Ensemble, featuring a unidirectional one pointing to the back of bass strings, and a cardioid for ambience. Everything’s mixed by a Behringer XENYX 1202FX. Small, compact, powerful, affordable, highly recommendable for everyday recording.

So yes, I love my new basic rig. All for under $2000. If you like what I do, feel free to donate 🙂

Footnote for the curious: Yes, I am wearing my custom Organization XIII cloak.

7 thoughts on “Music for the Sadness of Xion [Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days]

  1. You make being amazing look so effortless. It isn’t fair, really.
    I’m a big fan of your arrangements, especially your Kingdom Hearts pieces. This is one of your best performances I’ve seen so far. Very impressed!

    Wish I had the sheet music, but not sure I’m willing to cough up $30 for it… oh well. Thanks for sharing this, keep it up!

    That is all.
    -Watzzit Tooyah


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