Pushing Onwards – VVVVVV

I’ve loved VVVVVV since it came out and took hold of my free time. I still have to beat Veni, Vedi, Vici…

I’ve wanted to play Pushing Onwards forever. I chose UnofficialSoundtrack‘s arrangement. Sheet music available for free: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23040402/Pushing%20Onwards.pdf.

There is also a different version out there by arranger and musician Brent Kennedy. His version is more of an arrangement than a reduction – which this performance is. I will never have the dexterity that @UnofficialSoundtrack has. Have a listen to his performance… which is much cleaner and much more epic:

Pushing Onwards, along with the rest of the fantastic VVVVVV soundtrack was composed by Magnus Pålsson.

6 thoughts on “Pushing Onwards – VVVVVV

  1. haha well ive dedicated about 3 hours to that part of the game and it all ended in a blue screen from complete raging. laptop is still fine though 😛


  2. Veni, Vidi, Vici took me 6 hours of hard work without interruption. And I could do it faster, but I had some problems with the laptop – terrible keyboard glitches (;
    Just relax, if you can get to “Being Here Is Half The Fun” then you’ll beat it.


  3. You are right, no matter how much rage that game has caused , it still remains one of my personal all time favorite video games.


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