You Are the Pan – Hook

Anyone who grew up in the 90s has probably seen Spielberg’s highly underrated classic Hook, which remains one of my favorite films that deal with nostalgia, growing up, and embracing the future.

The soundtrack is by the ever-wonderful John Williams. Someone recently requested some sheet music for You Are the Pan, so I created some.

You Are the Pan sheet music

Want sheet music for your favorite song? Hire me.

5 thoughts on “You Are the Pan – Hook

  1. Oh my goodness! This is AWESOME! I loved this movie. I am now going to go watch it…after I look for some more music that is:)


  2. Oh my gosh. This is where Pockets says, “There you are, Peter.” and the other kids run to join him on the other side of the line that Rufio drew. And then, Too Small says, “Welcome back to Neverland, Pan the Man.” and Don’t Ask says, “Your nose got real big.” And then Pockets starts arguing with Rufio…
    I know this whole movie by heart having seen as it as a very young girl. You do not understand the amount of feels that went through me when I heard this. It’s like I’m seven again.


  3. Disgustingly under-rated, Spielbergs adaptation almost brings me to tears, anytime i sit down to watch it. The soundtrack is so pure and right for every scene. Very, very powerful.


  4. Thank you so much! Wow. This takes me back, too. Hook was one of my favorite movies and Peter Pan a favorite book for so long that I feel it is an interwoven part of who I am. This was awesome to be able to sit down at the piano with my iPad and play it.


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