World of Goo Piano Medley [audio: So, after completing a complete Piano Sheet Music Collection of the World of Goo soundtrack, I deemed it prudent to create a piano medley All things © Kyle Gabler of course. Included songs: World of Goo Beginning The Goo Filled Hills Brave Adventurers Another Mysterious Pipe Appeared Regurgitation Pumping Station Threadcutter Rain Rain … Continue reading World of Goo Piano Medley

Wolf’s Rain: Shiro, Long Tail’s arrangement

So, for the last four months or so, I've been trying to transcribe one of my all-time favorite pieces, Shiro, Long Tail's from Wolf's Rain. After uploading it just after Christmas, I noticed a few errors and just now re-uploaded a perfect version. Well, as perfect as it gets. Enjoy! Sheet Music Readme Sibelius … Continue reading Wolf’s Rain: Shiro, Long Tail’s arrangement

Bounty Hunter [Advent Rising] [audio: I've always wanted to play this. Bounty Hunter was written for full orchestra; about 58 instruments and a 60+ member choir. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was about 137 pieces short and had to compress Tallarico's beautiful composition into a piano solo. This is an arrangement by ear. I do not … Continue reading Bounty Hunter [Advent Rising]

Kyle Landry’s “Red Skies” [audio:] No sheet music. Bug Kyle 🙂 My camera is still broken! Hence, sound only. Ranking currently as number two in a list of pieces composed by Kyle (topped only by "Lonely"), this piece is still wonderful and teaches you a few fine things about composition too! This is an improvisation on the melody … Continue reading Kyle Landry’s “Red Skies”

Passion / Sanctuary [Kingdom Hearts] [audio: Sheet Music The long-awaited (?) piano version of "Passion" or "Sanctuary" from Kingdom Hearts. Since my video camera is broken, I only used a microphone - hence, no moving images. Yes, I really am playing it. I do not own this song nor any part of it. © Utada Hikaru and Square … Continue reading Passion / Sanctuary [Kingdom Hearts]

Kyle Landry’s “Lonely” [audio:] No sheet music. Kyle Landry's (kyle556) composition "Lonely" - one of the most inspirational pieces I've heard lately. (Well, in the last 10 months) This is an improvisation on the melody and feel of the original recording. It's not perfect, neither in regards to correct notes, nor in how closely it matches the … Continue reading Kyle Landry’s “Lonely”

Shiro, Long Tails [Wolf’s Rain] [audio: Sheet Music Wolf's Rain was one of the first anime series I watched in its entirety. I improvised one of the prettiest songs from the series, Shiro, Long Tails. I later went back and transcribed/arranged sheet music for the song. This is one of the first songs I ever arranged -- it dates … Continue reading Shiro, Long Tails [Wolf’s Rain]