Cave Story Sheet Music

Cave Story Piano Collection – 洞窟物語ピアノコレクション

I first played Cave Story (洞窟物語 – “Dokutsu Monogatari”) in ~2008, and immediately got hooked on the music. Hhere are the 36 (official) tracks in piano-solo format. I’ve also included 4-handed arrangements for those with 20 fingers, or something.

Everything © composer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya.

Special thanks to:

  • Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, of course, for creating the amazing game and music!
  • The crew over at Aeon Genesis for translating the game into English
  • Markarian, for introducing me to game and music
  • Anarch (site offline), who converted the soundtrack into MIDI, making it a bit easier to arrange

Cave Story Sheet Music (Complete Package)

Deluxe Collection Sibelius, MIDI, PDF zip

Cave Story Piano Collection Just the sheet music pdf

Cave Story Sheet Music (2-handed)

1. Access – アクセス (access) sib pdf mid

2. Gestation – 胎生 (vivi) sib pdf mid

3. Mimiga Town – ミミガーの村 (mura) sib pdf mid

4. Plant) – プラント (plant sib pdf mid

5. Balrog’s Theme – バルログのテーマ (ginsuke) sib pdf mid

6. Gravity – グラビティ (gravity) sib pdf mid

7. Cemetary – セメタリー (cemetary) sib pdf mid

8. Safety – 安全の唄 (anzen) sib pdf mid

9. Mischievous Robot – わんぱくロボ (wanpaku) sib pdf mid

10. Pulse – 鼓動 (kodou) sib pdf mid

11. On to Grasstown – クサムラを行け (weed) sib pdf mid

12. Eyes of Flame – 燃える目玉 (fireeye) sib pdf mid

13. Meltdown 2 – メルトダウン2 (mdown2) sib pdf mid

14. Tyrant – 暴君 (dr) sib pdf mid

15. Run! – 逃げろ (escape) sib pdf mid

16. Jenka 1 – じえんか1 (jenka) sib pdf mid

17. Jenka 2 – じえんか2 (jenka2) sib pdf mid

18. Labyrinth Fight – 迷宮ファイト (maze) sib pdf mid

19. Geothermal – 地熱 (grand) sib pdf mid

20. Opression – 圧迫するチカラ (ironh) sib pdf mid

21. Living Waterway – 生きた水路 (marine) sib pdf mid

22. Quiet – 静かなる (quiet) sib pdf mid

23. Scorching Back – 灼熱の背中 (wanpak2) sib pdf mid

24. Moonsong – つきのうた (oside) sib pdf mid

25. Hero’s End – 末路 (requiem) sib pdf mid

26. Cave Story (Theme Song) – 洞窟物語(大農園) (curly) sib pdf mid

27. Last Cave – 最後の洞窟 (lastcave) sib pdf mid

28. Balcony – バルコニー (balcony) sib pdf mid

29. Charge – 襲撃 (lastbtl) sib pdf mid

30. Zombie – ゾンビー (zonbie) sib pdf mid

31. Last Battle – ラストバトル (lastbtl2) sib pdf mid

32.Break Down – break down.. (breakdown) sib pdf mid

33. Running Hell – ランニングヘル (hell) sib pdf mid

34. Seal Chamber – 封印の間 (ballos) sib pdf mid

35. The Way Back Home – 帰り路 (ending) sib pdf mid

36. Toroko’s Theme – トロ子のテーマ (toroko) sib pdf mid

Cave Story Sheet Music (4-handed)

6. Gravity – グラビティ (gravity) – sib pdf mid

24. Moonsong- つきのうた (oside) – sibpdf mid

31. Last Battle – ラストバトル (lastbtl3) – sib pdf mid

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  1. Nice work! I love your piano versions of these songs!
    Quick question, why are there no links in the complete colections? Kind of a pain to download all the files individually…


    1. At the very top below the video, there is a link to the whole collection. Y’know, where it reads Cave Story Sheet Music (Complete Package).


  2. Anyway, I thank you for this entire collection because it’s not only in pdf, but midi. And I really thank you for that collection file at the top of the page, otherwise i’d have to download each file one by one. 😀


  3. The midi to the cavestory theme song (curly) is broken! D’: besides that, wonderful job on this whole collection!


  4. can you make a midi of the medley? and if i had a credit card, i would defidently donate 5 bucks. youre awsome man!


  5. Hey can I get a midi of the song you performed as a whole, not just separate, i want to perform this for some friends. Thanks.


  6. just a suggestion : you should also make piano for the other ones, for example White, Meltdown, wind fortress, halloween 2…


  7. hey, this is really amazing and useful, do you have a recording of you playing the medley available as a sound file? possibly without the sheet turning sounds? That’d be awesome


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